FATU-HIVA Holiday Club
FATU-HIVA Travel Services
New Members are automatically enrolled, following their Membership Level and as per
Club's Constitution, in any and/or all of the following Programs:
Referral Award Program
- Membership Subscription Fee Refund Program
- Bonus Dollars Reward Program
Additional information regarding the Club's Membership Terms and Conditions may be
accessed by clicking on:
Constitution of the Club or addressing the request to: FATU-HIVA Holiday Club
FATU-HIVA Holiday Club's  Mission has always been to:
  • Focus its energy and resources on providing its Members with a wide variety of
    flexible and affordable leisure accommodation.
  • Ensure that it remains sensitive to the changing needs of its Members and that it
    responds timely to them,  by offering appropriate accommodation and innovative
    alternatives along with all other Holiday Services.
  • Remain a market leader in the industry and continue to be recognized as a
    responsible and reputable member of the business community.
Among the Benefits and Advantages enjoyed by FATU-HIVA Holiday Club Members are:
  • Highly reduced Air Fares, on flights fully chartered by  FATU-HIVA for its
    Members only.
  • Additional Discounts of up to 35%, as per the Club's Main Values Database
  • Fast Direct Access to:     FATU-HIVA Travel Services and Reservations
  • Special additional discounts at selected Four and Five Star-Hotels and Ocean
Dubai - Burj-Al-Arab
Walt Disney World
FATU-HIVA ....A Paradise in the Pacific
Egypt - The Pyramids
FATU-HIVA Holiday Club  - is a duly registered and authorized Division of FATU-HIVA
International Inc
.,  whose  principal purpose is  dedicated to the development  and
management of  Holidays,- for the benefit of its selective Members and  based on an
Age & Level Points Right System  - A system which, unlike other Timeshare and Holiday
Club's schemes is completely  free of Maintenance, Booking and/or Exchange  fees.
Club Members
Club Privileges are only available to Members,  in accordance with the Benefits and
Rewards inherent to their respective Membership Level.  There are no Maintenance or
Exchange Costs associated with any of the Levels, nor a limitation as to the number  of
Travel Requests provided to Members. Services provided are second to none of to those
currently available in the open market, guaranteeing fixed discounts over any Internet or
Travel Agency advertised Travel Related services.
Applicants  wishing to learn more about the Club and the benefits available on each
Membership Level,  may  do so by clicking on:
Club Members should LOG IN  to access their Personal Accounts and the  Club's Level  
ValueS database -
should be  indicated on any BOOKING REQUEST submitted, before its expriy date.
These  Invitations are available  to all Members, by  requesting them through:    
FATU-HIVA Holiday Club
San Diego's Sea World
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