FATU-HIVA International Inc.
Payrolls are prepared in accordance with our client's requirements, be them weekly, bi-monthly,
monthly or on a special period basis, for Employees, Directors or Sub-contractors.  Printed
Pay-Slips with or without direct automatic bank debits can be provided. Payrolls are done or
designed - if needed - to comply with the State, the Province or any applicable Country regulations.  
Many of our Clients use our Payroll Services to process the earnings of the employees that they
have retained for themselves.  Our Payroll Services offer many advantages, including among others:

  • Expediting the hiring process,
  • Eliminating time consuming paperwork and
  • Circumventing Worker Compensation liabilities, Benefits, Remittances and any other HR or
    accounting requirements
Whether on short or long term contracts, our FATU-HIVA's Payroll Services do enhance the ease
and cost efficiency of the hiring by circumventing many of the expenses associated with the
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Cost Estimate and additional
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