Office and Project Administration Services are
provided, on a per Project Basis to handle:

  • Systems and Implementation
  • Secretarial Duties
  • Purchasing and Expediting
  • Budget and Cost Controlling
  • General Insurances
  • Accounting and Site Auditing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Personnel
  • Warehousing
Systems and Implementation:
Systems and Procedures for the Project are prepared, to comply with the Client's
requirements and the needs of the Project Manager and submitted for final
approval, prior to their implementation
Secretarial Duties:
To comply with Project Requirements proper Secretarial Services are put into
place, ensuring that the expertise of the position to be filled is properly covered in
all angles.
Purchasing and Expediting:
Purchasing handled on site will be manned by experience personnel and the
Expediting to comply with the Critical Path Diagram of the Project.  Procurement is
managed to improve supplier services, while reducing purchasing costs at the
same time that business performance is optimized.
Budget & Cost Controlling:
Project Budgets are prepared in accordance with the original Take-Offs and Estimates and pricing, from the Engineering Department, when
required. A strict adherence will be monitored with an efficient Cost Controlling system.
General Insurances:
FATU-HIVA will investigate and recommend the most adequate Insurance for the Project, in accordance with the contract and stipulations
agreed upon.
Standard Accounting and Auditing procedures are followed in accordance with acceptable accounting principles and the Project's
geographical location.
Accounting & Site Auditing:
A pertinent and exclusive database, will be developed and implemented by FATU-HIVA, to ascertain that the Warehouse Stock is properly
controlled and reported.
Project Personnel to cover the Administration of Offices is available from FATU-HIVA's own database. When outside resources are required
FATU-HIVA's Recruiting Department, will Search, interview, and recommend for hire the appropriate candidates. Preparation of Employment
Contracts for overseas operations is also available.
Financial Reporting:
Reporting and distribution of the Financial Statements are made on a weekly and/or monthly basis, ensuring that same are completed in
accordance with the Financial Controller's requirements and the financial calendar.  Consolidations, analysis and pertinent cash flows - beside
the standard reports- are a part of the reporting process.
FATU-HIVA International Inc.