FATU-HIVA International Inc.
When you purchase your Holiday, Airline Tickets, Cruise, Tour and/or any other Travel Service, it is assigned a FATU-HIVA Points value, in accordance with
the Level of your Membership. The FATU-HIVA Points value depends on certain factors, including the supply, demand, availability and time of the year
applicable at that particular Accommodation, Air Travel, Cruise, Tour  and/or any other applicable Travel Service. When your purchase is in direct relation to
"Accommodation" then the type and size of unit is also taken into consideration.
How does FATU-HIVA Points work?
Since all Holidays, Vacation Packages and other Travel Related services do have a FATU-HIVA Points value, your Membership Level allows you to use and
take advantage of the Club's Benefits (Discounts, etc.) up to the maximum number of Points which your Level of Membership entitles you to.
What difference does it make to have FATU-HIVA Points?
Yes, you can borrow FATU-HIVA Points from next year's allowance in the same manner that you can roll over unused FATU-HIVA Points to the following year.
Roll Over of FATU-HIVA Points can only be made from one year to the next only.
Can I borrow FATU-HIVA Points from next year's allowance?
Many are the different Benefits that you enjoy by simply being a  FATU-HIVA Holiday Club Member, through the Annual Points Value assigned to your
Membership Level, such as:
  • No Travel Agency fees for the service provided
  • Reduced Accommodation and Car Rental rates to FATU-HIVA Club Members
  • 24 Hour Travel Assistance at no cost
  • Free Transportation from and back to the Airport at Destinations
  • Free Travel Insurance
  • Free Cancellation Insurance
  • Free Participation in other Club's Programs
  • RV and Camping Accommodations
  • Access to the Club's Special Offers, advertised at different intervals, etc. etc.
How do I benefit from having FATU-HIVA Points or being a Club Member?
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