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The Sections of the above Menu, depicting the Main Services provided to FATU-HIVA Club Members, have been prepared as a guide  to  Members, when planning their holidays
and searching for Points Value.  The above Links and Points Value therein shown, represent only the most frequently used by the Club Members, as per the Club's Statistics. Full
negotiated Agreements, regarding Accommodations, Cruises, Tours, Car Rentals and Airline Companies.  
NOTE TO ACTIVE MEMBERS:  Please refer to the latest edition of the
Catalog issued in Jan. 2009. We are currently in the process of transferring all the information available through contracts and signed agreements with Hotels, Resorts, Car Rental
companies and other providers of services, to the Web Site for easier reference. Although we are putting the maximum effort in this task, do not hesitate in contacting via the
Booking Details the Travel Services Department, with your requests. As you know Points Value in the Catalog have been updated and are being revised via these Web Pages.
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Air Travel Services
Worldwide Accommodation
Worldwide Cruises
Travel Insurance
Worldwide Car Rentals and Limousine Services
By properly completing the BOOKING REQUEST form, Members are able to add additional and specific
requirements, besides the most commonly asked by the Booking Request form.
The fact that most Airline Companies keep constantly adjusting their Air Fares,  as a consequence of the currently ongoing World Crisis, makes it very difficult to set a Points Value
for each of the different destinations.  Also, whilst searching for the proper Airline and flight combinations, at the best possible price for the Club, the Travel Services Department is
in constant connection with the Club Member informing him/her about the different alternatives.   
Although Points Value shown by the Club's Database are based on latest available High Season rates per night, pertinent Points Value depending on the time of the year, type of
room and the duration of the holiday, are available to Club Members, by requesting it via de Booking Requests form. Discounts are always available to Club Members, regardless
of changes made by the respective accommodation supplier.
Due note should be taken that Points Value listed are per person, non-air cruise-only and based on double occupancy and although Government Fees and Taxes are included, these
are subject to change. Most Cruise companies reserve the right to impose a fuel supplement per person per day, on all passengers if the NYMEX oil price exceeds US70 per
barrel, even if the fare has already been paid in full. Points Value are subject to change based on availability. Stateroom views are considered unobstructed unless noted
otherwise. Obstructions do not include certain nautical items like handrails, dividers or ship hardware. For balcony staterooms, the view is determined from the perspective of the
balcony railing.
The fact that there is a Wide Variety of Cars available for rent and different on each Car Rental company, throughout the World, makes it a bit cumbersome to list the Points Value of
each one, by Membership Level.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the information is available in the Club's Database for the asking of the Member and same quoted when Booking
Requests are received and the quote provided.
Different types of Insurance are available to Members, such as: Emergency Travel Medical, Trip Cancellation and/or Trip Interruption, Comprehensive Medical and even
Customized Coverage, on request.
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