FATU-HIVA International Inc.
Does FATU-HIVA provide in-house bookkeeping Services?
Yes, superior and responsible bookkeeping services are provided for our clients at our office using the latest Internet Technologies.
How do I request an estimated cost of a particular service?
By clicking on the service link provided on each section and specifying the type of request.
How do I set-up my Chart of Accounts?
By analyzing documents such as: Bank Disbursements, Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices and the requirements of the Income Tax
How do I know which documents will be required from me?
Depending on each client, the type of business and size, the following may be required: Cash Receipts and Disbursements, Purchasing
Records, Bank Documents regarding loans and notes, Payroll Records, Tax Returns and other pertinent documents related to the
How do I know which documents are relevant to my business?
Payments issued, Bank Statements received from each Bank Account, Credit Card copies of transactions effected (manually or
electronically), copies of correspondence issued to clients and or suppliers, etc. (manually or electronically), copies of correspondence
issued to clients, suppliers, etc.
How do I know when to submit the documents?
By referring to the printed schedule, supplied by FATU-HIVA, outlining all forms and dates of submission to both the Federal and
State/Provincial Governments.
Does FATU-HIVA provide out source bookkeeping services?
Yes, to avoid having to endure hiring processes and valued training time to bookkeepers. Out source provided services will help your
company to concentrate more time in other more important aspects of your business. The benefits, in terms of time and money, resulting
from "out-source services" are considerably noticed, when the Overhead Costs line in the Cost Report shows a great reduction of
Can I use standard and easy to learn software in my  business?
Yes, there are many different types of software in the market for the individual and small businesses, easy to learn and apply with your P.
C.,  and will work as well in the office network.
Will the software have the features that I need for my business?
Yes, and any required adjustments can be carried on by  FATU-HIVA's Computer Team, as well as any required training and follow up.  Yes,
and FATU-HIVA will ensure that the information and historic data handled before will be transferred and used by the new upgrade.
Will the price be adequate for my business or home use?
Yes, FATU-HIVA will search and recommend the most suitable and economical software available.