FATU-HIVA International Inc.
Documentation:  The Club will issue the Member (s), upon completion and payment of the Membership Agreement,  a
"Certificate of Membership"  along with his (hers/their) personalized Membership Card, duly magnetized with the Member's
Level and other Club directives. Membership Cards are issued to each Member for identification purposes and additional
benefits, provided at  selected  Hotels and Resorts, currently associated with FATU-HIVA International Inc.
Programs available to Members:
RA Referral Award Program - Designed by the Club to promote the joining of New Members by granting each Member who submits the recommendation of a (or)
new applicants (s), with a Cash Award per each recommendation established directly in accordance with the Level of Membership approved for such recommendation.
Cash Awards for newly approved applicants are as follows: US$ 300.00 for Gold Members, US$ 600.00 for Platinum Members and US$ 1,000.00 for Carte-Blanche
Members (or its respective equivalent in the currency of   the recommending Member's country of residence). These Cash Awards will only become due and payable
twenty (20) calendar days after the full payment for the new recommended applicant has been completed.
BDR Bonus Dollars Reward Program - This program is only available to Platinum and Carte-Blanche Members, allowing them to earn Bonus Dollars every time
they use and pay for the Services supplied by the Club. Platinum Members received 0.5% of the total amount invoiced as Bonus Dollars.   Carte-Blanche Members
receive 1.0% of the total amount invoiced.as Bonus Dollars. Bonus Dollars  can either be cashed in or applied as a discount against future invoicing.
MSFR Membership Subscription Fee Refund Program  - Platinum and Carte-Blanche Members will be entitled to this program as of the thirty-seventh
(37th)  month of them joining the Club, provided that no amounts remain outstanding for payment for any concept of whatsoever reason, at the time the program enlists
them automatically. This program allows the Club, via the appointed Trustees, to establish a  Fund to control the refunds due to Member (s) for up to 75% for Platinum
and 85% for Carte-Blanche's, of the total Subscription Fee originally disbursed, plus any accumulated interest earned on the Fund by the Amounts due to each respective
Member.  A first amount equal to 10% of the total Subscription Fee paid, as shown on by the Membership Agreement,  will be deposited  the first day of the 37th month,
followed by an additional 10% each following month, calculated on the last balance outstanding to reach the agreed 75% or 85% of the pertinent signed agreement.
Member's will be allowed to claim the amount accumulated in the Fund, if they so wish, as of the forty-ninth (49th)  month of  them having fully paid the Membership
Subscription Fee.
HNJL Holiday Now and Join Later Program - This program was approved by the Management Team to attract and promote the services of the Club to those
applicants, skeptic or unsure of their intentions, wishing to test the Services of the Club  prior to their commitment. These privileges - similar to the ones enjoyed by a
Gold Member - are granted on an only one time per family basis, such as:

  • Free Access to the 24-Hours Travel Assistance Services
  • Transportation at Destination to and from Airports
  • Three-Day Travel Insurance
  • Welcome Basket at each Destination
  • 5% Accommodation Discount at selected locations

A charge of US$ 100.00 (or its equivalent in the currency of the applicant's country of residence ) will be added  on to every HNJL Invoice  as a Booking Fee, refundable in
full should the applicant become a full Member of the Club.
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